Industrial automation, instrumentation and control

Design, installation, software and service works and services in the field of measurement and control, industrial automation and technology control are our main scope. We design e.g. building heating instrumentation and control, CHP plants, energy savings, air conditioning etc.

Industrial automation is important for proper technology operation. If the technologies are optimally designed the automation systems have positive impact for operation, production and low energy needs. When designing the industrial automation systems careful analysis is performed as a base for the most suitable solution. Our technological and technical equipment and skills in the field of industrial automation and instrumentation and control are the guarantee for quality and reliability of designed systems.

We design these systems for a wide range of customers across the Europe. Customer satisfaction is our goal. Industrial automation of technological entities, production of single purpose machines and last but not least the machine control of specific needs is in addition to our main focus. read more

Industrial automation

Industrial automation of technological entities is a main part of company focus. Its purpose is the efficient production processes optimization. In case of proper design the industrial automation brings massive savings to production.

Our company has significant know-how in the field of industrial automation because of a wide range of commissions for companies and manufacturing facilities throughout Czech Republic and abroad. Following list illustrates the industrial automation potential use:

  • production line automation
  • technological unit control
  • manipulator and robot control
  • mobile machine control
  • single purpose machine control
  • conveyor control
  • test-shop control and process monitoring

Single-purpose machines

We design the single-purpose machines according to customer demands for a large scale of industries. Plastic welding machines, grape presses, bottle fillers, single-purpose machines for automotive industry etc. can be added to list of our company products.

Single-purpose machines are produced for national customers as well for customers abroad. Safety and high reliability of single-purpose machines is our goal.

Production lines

We deliver the technology solution according to needs and demands of our customers for a big scope of industries. Among significant commissions belongs foundry technology control, gravel-pit technology control, PET bottling control, brewery supervisory. Specific design, efficient implementation and reliable operation is our main goal.

We provide design, production, assembly, delivery and installation of electrical and mechanical components including the technology programming. Within the technology solution the production lines are designed and equipped with high quality and reliable equipment from well-established producers such as Siemens, Danfoss, KEYENCE, ifm electronic, Endress+Hauser,Sick etc.


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